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VA Loans for Multi-Family Homes

Are you a veteran interested in buying a multi-family property?
Learn about your options to finance a 2-4 unit home with a VA loan.

VA Loan for Duplex, Triplex, or Fourplex (2 unit, 3 unit, and 4 unit homes)

Veterans who are looking for an excellent opportunity to purchase an investment property, without it technically being called an investment property, may want to look at options for buying a 2-4 unit home.  VA loans are not available to finance an investment property, however, you can earn rental income on separate, detached units.

VA loans can be used for any eligible 1-4 unit property.  This includes any 2 unit (duplex), 3 unit (triplex), or 4 unit (fourplex) home, as long as you will occupy one of the units.  Technically, if you live in one of the units than it is considered owner occupied and therefore not classified as an investment property.

VA Loan Limits for Multi-Family Homes

The loan limits for VA loans are the same as Fannie Mae conforming loan limits. These are set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The numbers below represent the standard limit which is applicable in most counties throughout the country. There are 235 counties that have higher loan limits, so be sure to check to see if your county allows a higher loan amount.

  • 1 unit     $484,350
  • 2 units   $620,200
  • 3 units   $749,650
  • 4 units   $931,600

VA Loan Requirements for Multi-Unit Properties

The requirements for a 2-4 unit properties are generally the same as a single family residence (1 unit home).  This includes:

  • Certificate of Eligibility – A COE is available for any veteran or active duty military that has served either 180 consecutive days during peacetime, or 90 days during war.  Or, any reservists with 6 years or more of service.
  • Credit – There is a degree of flexibility, but VA loans generally require a 620 score or higher.
  • Income – The income requirements are more related to your debt-to-income ratio (DTI ratio) than they are to your actual income amount.  You must be able to show your ability to pay the mortgage payments.  This includes not having excessive debt which could impede on your being able to make monthly payments on time.  Most VA lenders want to see a 41% DTI or less (once the new mortgage payment is factored in).

There are some other basic requirements such as showing your residency for the past two years, supplying bank statements, pay stubs, and tax returns (either W-2 or 1099s for self-employed borrowers).  If you would like to find out precisely what would be required for you to obtain VA financing, speak with a loan representative today.  You can either get pre-qualified which is an unofficial pre-qualification, or you can apply for an official approval.  You will then be provided the exact conditions to close your loan (what will be required).

Benefits of a VA Loan for a Multi-Unit Purchase

VA loans offer terms that are unheard of these days to all other types of borrowers. This is the case for any home purchase, but especially for a multi-unit home which could potentially be used as an (unofficial) investment property and earn rental income. What are these benefits?:

  • 100% Financing – If you qualify, you may be able to purchase a 2-4 unit property without having to place any down payment at all.
  • No PMI – VA loans do not require private mortgage insurance to be paid regardless of the LTV.
  • Low Rates – VA loans often have significantly lower rates than FHA and conventional loans.

How does a VA multifamily home loan match up against a FHA or conventional multifamily mortgage?  If you were to compare the best possible loan terms (from any lender) for a FHA loan or conventional mortgage, it would be clearly evident how much better the VA loan terms are.  An FHA loan would require at least a 3.5% down payment (which is still pretty good), but would require both upfront and monthly mortgage insurance payments.  A conventional mortgage would require 15% down on a duplex and 25% down on a triplex or fourplex, and for the duplex you would have to pay PMI (on any loan over a 80% LTV).  If you meet the requirements, a VA loan is surely going to provide the best loan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I buy a property that has more than 4 units?

VA loans are strictly available for 1-4 units.  Any property that has 5 or more units is considered commercial and would require a different type of loan and mortgage lender.

Are VA multifamily loans available for new construction?

Yes, VA loans can be used for new construction of 1-4 unit homes.

Can rental income count as qualifying income to help DTI ratios?

Yes, the rental income from tenants in the other unit or units can count as income, potentially helping your DTI ratios which are part of the loan qualification considerations.

Can a first time home buyer apply for a multi-family home loan?

Yes, first time home buyers are treated the same whether they want to buy a 1 unit, 2 unit, 3 unit, or 4 unit home.  The only difference being you can qualify for a higher loan limit (as already mentioned on this page) for multi-unit properties.

I’ve already purchased a home in the past using a VA loan, which this disqualify me?

Absolute not.  VA loans are reusable.  You can be a second time home buyer, or even have already owned homes several times in the past.  You must use the home as your primary residence though.  There are no VA loans for what are considered an actual investment property.

I want to buy a multi-family property and use part of it for my business, what should I know?

VA loans allow up to 25% of the floor space to be used for a business. It can not exceed this amount though, or otherwise it will not be eligible.

Can I have a cosigner / co-borrower apply for a VA loan with me?

Yes, you can have a cosigner, but depending on your relation to them, it will be handled differently. It is best if it is a spouse, or another military member or veteran. If it is a non-spouse, non-military co-borrower, that can be complicated, but is certainly feasible to get an approval. The best way to know for sure is to discuss this with one of our loan representatives who can look at your specific case (we provide hassle free, no obligation free consultations).

How much out of pocket expenses will be incurred to purchase a multifamily home?

The amount of loan fees depends on the loan amount (which the origination fee and VA funding fee are based on loan size), and also other variables (such as the cost of an appraisal).  We do not offer any “no fee” loans.  Be sure to check closely to see if any lenders are misleading when they offer this (such as issuing a much higher rate).  Most VA loans do allow you to finance the loan costs into the mortgage note though (or in other words, into your loan amount).  With this being said, there is potential for you to acquire the multi-unit home without any out of pocket expenses (since you may qualify for a no money down, 100% LTV loan).

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