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Physician Assistant Mortgage Loans

Physician Assistant Mortgages

Home loans for physician assistants.

Physician Assistant looking to purchase a home or refinance their current loan for better terms will find exceptionally low mortgage rates on all of our home loan programs.  We have a wide variety of loan programs to choose from, including great options for first time home buyers.  We provide the lowest down payment options that are available through any lender in the country.  We have a home purchase loan that allows up to 96.5% financing.  This means that you would only be required to put 3.5% down and that can be sourced from anywhere including friends, family and even down payment assistance agencies.

Home Buying Loan Options for Physician Assistants

The two most popular home buying loans that we offer are a conventional home loan with low rates and up to 95% financing (meaning you would only have to put 5% down).  This program is typically the best option for those who have good or excellent credit, and good work history.  Home buyers who have less than perfect credit, or even just “fair” credit may want to consider an FHA loan which has much less strict qualification guidelines.  This includes lower credit and less work history.  One of the other benefits of an FHA home buyer loan is that it only requires a 3.5% down payment (mentioned above).

Refinancing Programs for Physician Assistants

Our mortgage refinancing loans tend to exceed the expectations of applicants.  This includes the highest allowable maximum LTV ratios for cash out refinancing (up to 85%).  The only way to take cash out above 85% anywhere is on rural properties through the USDA and VA loans (for veterans).   We are both a VA and USDA lender.  We also have multiple rate/term refinancing programs for physicians assistants who want to lower their mortgage rate and monthly payments.  This includes conventional cash out refinancing and the FHA streamline refinance program.

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