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Cash Out Refinance to Pay For College

Cash Out Refinance

Pay for college by taking equity out of your home.

Today’s college admission costs are outrageous leaving students and the parents of students with limited practical options for paying for college. The options most college seekers have at their disposal are to take on mountains of debt through student loans, work day and night while in college to help pay for tuition, or borrow the money through another source. Those who are fortunate enough to have a home with sufficient equity may opt to cash out refinance to pay for college.  This may be the perfect solution for those who do not wish to incur new debts.

Mortgage rates are still very low in 2014 allowing for much more affordable home loans. The starting place when evaluating if a cash out refinance is right for you is to prequalify for a mortgage loan.  This does not require you to provide all of your financial information.  You simply just need to provide the most accurate information possible and we will inform you of what we likely will be able to approve you for. Then, if you like the preliminary terms outlined in the prequalification letter, you can submit your information for a full approval. This is essentially a full mortgage application.  Our rates are some of the lowest in the country so we hope that you will take the time to see what we can offer you.  We are confident to earn your business when comparing us to competing mortgage lenders.

Once you have concrete terms outlined in a preapproval you will be able to closely compare your options to see what makes the most financial sense for paying for college. To prequalify or apply today contact us at 1-800-731-3560 or submit an online application.

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