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South Carolina Cash Out Refinance

South Carolina Refinance

The best cash out refinance loan programs in South Carolina.

If you need to take cash out of your home and would like to do so with the absolute best loan terms than you will want to apply for a cash out refinance through USA Home Financing.  We provide South Carolina with the most competitive cash out loans, in terms of the lowest interest rates and fees, and also the highest LTV ratios so that you can get out as much of your equity as possible.

The most popular cash out refinance loans are through the FHA and conventional loans.  In order to determine which loan is best for you, one of our loan specialists will learn a little bit about what your goals are and current financial situation is.  Conventional loans are the best option for borrowers with great credit, and that want to avoid costly mortgage insurance.  However, conventional loans are restricted to an 80% LTV, therefore they may not be the best option for those who want to take the most equity out of their home as possible.  FHA loans allow an 85% LTV which may appeal to South Carolina applicants who want to take out more than 80%.  FHA loans do require mortgage insurance though, which will add to your monthly payment.

There are other unique cash out programs that we offer such as VA cash out refinancing, USDA cash out loans, and jumbo cash out refinance loans.  If you would like to learn about what your best cash out refinance option is we encourage you to speak with one of our loan officers today and get prequalified.

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