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Cash Out Refinance for Home Improvement

Finance Home Improvement

Cash out refinance to pay for home improvements.

One of the most best ways to finance home improvements is to take cash out of your home equity by refinancing. The great thing about using your home equity for renovations is that you will likely be increasing the value of your home. Therefore, it is practical to assume that the very equity used to remodel your home will enhance it’s equity! You will also have the obvious benefit of an improved living space and a greater perceived value of your home.

If you compare our mortgage rates and level of service to other mortgage lenders you will clearly see that we provide the best cash out refinancing options. In fact, we encourage you to get several other quotes prior to contacting us so that when you get pre-qualified through us you will immediately wish to process the loan.  One of our specialties is cash out refinancing, and many of our customers take cash out to pay for home remodeling. To find out how much equity you qualify to take out give us a call today!

We can also educate you regarding what home improvements may or may not add value to your home so that you make a great investment in your home and financial future.

List of Home Improvements a Cash Out Refinance is Commonly Used For:

Bathroom Remodeling – new bath/shower, floors, counters, etc.), Kitchen Remodeling – cabinets, countertops (such as granite, marble, etc.),  new flooring (such as hardwood floors).  Landscaping  – retaining walls, water features, ponds, sod installation, sprinklers, decks, patios, porches, outdoor kitchens.  Roofing & Siding, Windows & Doors, Basement Finishing, Garage Doors, Home Additions, Solar Panels, Sunrooms, Home Insulation, HVAC Upgrades, Water Damage/Mold Remediation, Structural Improvements/Foundation Repair.

The above list is just some of the common home renovations people make.  You can use your cash for anytime improvement projects you want, or for any other purpose.  If you would like to see what you qualify for, including how much cash you can take out, give us a call or submit a request for more information via the web form no this page.

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